Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I survived Tuesday

Tuesday is always my long day. I teach a full day and the kids have activities both before and after school. Added to that, it is always the big 5th grade homework day. Even a normal Tuesday has me collapsing at the end of the day--usually around 7:30.

This week I have the added whammy of Drew traveling and final exams. And then I needed to race fit in a quick 15 minutes in the grocery store with both kids in Tae Kwon Do gear.

I am not ashamed to say that Ronald McDonald cooked dinner. I have no guilt over it at all.

What makes me happy? The next FIVE weeks are my semester break. Yes, 5 weeks of no teaching and all day to enjoy.

What scares me? Starting in January, Tuesday gets longer. The only day I could get the kids into swim lessons was, you guessed it, Tuesday. From 7-8pm. After all of the other activities.

Go ahead and faint with me. Until then, I will focus on today's mantra: just keep going and you will survive.

I love this pretty picture:

It really symbolizes my Tuesday. I can live through it. Goodnight, Tuesday.

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