Friday, October 24, 2008

Allie's earrings

This week was a big one at our house. Allie decided she wanted her ears pierced, much to the surprise of the rest of us.

Many times, I have told Allie the story of getting my own ears pierced. The rule in our family was that you had to wait until you were 13 years old. I waited. I did not want to, but I did. On my birthday, we headed to the mall for the big event. My tummy jumped with excitement as I chose my earrings--the ones I would get to wear the next week on the first day of school. I was the last girl in my class to have my ears done.

Moments after having my ears done, my dad turned to my 11 year old sister and asked if she wanted hers done too. I about fainted. Of course, she jumped at the chance to break the rule. I decided at that exact moment that my daughter could have her ears pierced anytime she wanted.

Perhaps some people would have changed their mind about such a thing as they aged, but not me. I wanted it to be my daughter's decision. The first time Allie brought it up, she was six. And she decided not to have them done. Last year, Zack chattered on and on about a little girl in his class with her "sparkly" ears. Allie thought about it again, but decided no.

This week, she asked if she could have them done now. I asked if there was a reason why she was interested. The answer: "I just think it is time." We headed to the calendar and found that Friday was our first day with available time for a trip to the mall. All week I waited for her to forget or change her mind, but instead she grew more and more excited.

She skipped home from the bus and raced into the house already calling out my name. "Let's go, Mom!"

Likety split, we were out of there. During the twenty minute drive to the mall, she told me how her tummy wasn't even nervous yet. Allie is a big one on listening to her tummy. It tells her when something is going to be too dangerous. So far, the tummy was not even upset.

We parked and walked into the mall heading for Libby Lou--her favorite store in the whole wide world. We stopped outside to look at the ear piercing sign and give her a chance to back out. "The tummy is only a little nervous now, Mom, we are good."

She chose multi-colored flower earrings in gold. While we waited for the paperwork, I snapped our before shot:

We filed the paperwork and made dots on her ears picking the perfect spots. Amanda, our trusty sales lady, held the gun to her ear. I held my camera. Allie held onto the arms of the chair. One, Two, Three and it was done. Switch to the other side and zip it was all over.

Allie was just glowing! She was so proud of herself for making the choice and sticking with it all the way to the end. And she loves the look of her sparkles. As we were leaving the store, she was already on the phone calling Grammy to spread the news!

Of course, we had to celebrate the day with a little shopping. We both added a pair of boots to our shoe collection. Allie found a darling hat. I added a new sweater and a couple of pairs of pants. A successful trip all around.

I love having a daughter!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Bit of Paris

We survived! We spent the entire weekend working, but we finished Allie's room. We started it for her 8th birthday (ok, so she is 9 now, what's your point?) and then we left the final touches undone. The ones that really make it a complete room. So this weekend, we hauled the already purchased fabric out of the back of my craft closet and got to work.

The built in shelves got a fresh coat of white paint and some serious editing. We also finished the valence and stitched up some new pillows for the window seat. Spray painting the baskets black and adding tags really completed the look.

The vanity is a huge improvement! We added in some small drawers under the shelf to organize all her Allie's hair and jewelry items. Then we stitched up this darling full skirt. The stool fits underneath when not in use.

The bed is curtained all around now with new pillows hidden inside. The picture is not as strong, but the delight on Allie's face as she hides inside her lounge more than makes up for it.

It was a long weekend, but it is so worth it! Of course, Zack has plans for his room, too. I need a nap!