Tuesday, December 8, 2009

caught us

You never know where Zack will pop up with his camera. He loves taking pictures. Every so often, he will bring me his camera filled with pictures for me to upload. He sits patiently and goes through shot after shot. He is ruthless with his eye, deleting those that do not please him. "I can always take more, mom," he tells me. He selects ones to print and keeps them in his room. Of course, I am allowed to print extras to scrap.

Zack is seven.

My kids amaze me all the time. Being a mom is the greatest gift. Well, on the days that it is not being the hardest work. It is definitely the most profound dichotomy of my life.

These shots are from sometime in early November. Allie and I got the mail and found a magazine for each of us. We plopped right down on the front steps to read and Zack appeared a bit later to capture the moment.

He is happy to take a couple of candid shots and then his bossy side pops up. Turn your head. Chin up. Now, over the shoulder. I love some of the creative things he comes up with like peeking over our magazines.

I forgot all about it until he brought me the camera today. How cute it turned out! I am already searching my brain for a title. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

VERY Cute!!

Nicole Martel said...

OMG DORA, Those photos are fabulous!!

Jen Mc said...

Those are awesome! This young man is VERY talented.