Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bye bye tooth

I mean teeth.

My kids both have only had teeth work in pairs. As babies they arrived in pairs and as kids they leave in pairs. But they only leave after the new ones arrive. Right before Christmas, I looked inside Zack's mouth and there they were--2 big teeth right behind his lower baby teeth.

At 6 1/2, he was pretty certain the teeth were never going to come out. But 2 weeks later they were loose and he was having fun twirling them around. Right before the bus arrived, the first one was ready to pluck out. I raced for the camera to snap a quick shot. There is no way for me to have one of those cute gap tooth grins from my kids since the big teeth are already in the way, but I tried.

The next morning he had a fresh 2 dollar bill from the tooth fairy and another tooth popping out. Again right after lunch and before the bus came, we plucked tooth 2. Even with my thumb pulling down his lip, you can barely see a little spot where it is out.

Two down and many more to go. But probably not too soon. After all, at 9 1/2 Allie has only lost 8 total even though many of her classmates are already in braces.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Do

For Allie today. She has been asking for a new look for a couple of weeks now. A "real hairdo" instead of just continuing to grow her hair. She wanted STYLE.

At first the thought of it was hard on me. Allie was completely and totally bald for the first 2 years of her life. No mother has ever been as happy to see hair on her as I was. Honest. But she is definitely coming into her own as a young lady now. She made the decision to pierce her ears and took excellent care of them. She is interested in clothing and puts together wonderful outfits for school. And she really wanted to make her own hair decision.

She looked like this as the day began:

We headed to my salon for a 2:30 appointment with Keirstin. She did a lovely job on my hair and I knew I could trust her with my angel. Allie wanted her hair just to her shoulders with lots of layers. And she wants to grow her bangs back out so they will curve to the side and "hug" her face. She also wanted blue peek a boo highlights, but we need to save something for her teen years so those were out. She got exactly what she wanted and was positively glowing as she left the salon looking like this:

Zack was waiting at the door for us after hearing the garage door open. He was very enthusiastic about her new look--which I could tell was important to her. He does have a wonderful sense of style, after all. Daddy sniffed a bit in true man style about the loss of long hair, but he hid it well.

It was a good day!