Monday, September 29, 2008

a boy and his shoes

Zack has very strong opinions on his style. He prefers solid color on color ensembles--blue shorts with blue top instead of blue shorts with a white top. He also is into a couple of pairs of slip on tennis shoes. One set he found at Target and wore all summer until a neighbor brought over a hand me down pair from her son.

From that moment on, it was all about the "checker shoes." Black and white are his favorite colors (don't get me started--we have an ongoing discussion on why he cannot have a bedroom with black walls and white marble tile floor. The boy is SIX!) so these shoes are everything he could want in a pair.

We were waiting for the bus when he asked me to head back in and grab my camera for a "shoe shoot." Yep. The boy has my number. He had a ball spinning and kicking in the shoes. I cannot wait to make a layout to capture this memory.

I am certain with such a stylish son, I will have many a layout dedicated to his changing "looks." And I am looking forward to it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

rain, rain go away!

It rained all week long, but when the sun peeked out long enough for me to get on a plane and make it safely to Pittsburgh for Erin's wedding. Mom's flight also made it out of the rain on time. It was wonderful to get to spend some time with her. I cannot remember the last time we were together without the kids. We had such a good time!

Right before the wedding, Drew called to let me know our house was washing away. After a few minutes of questioning and calming him down and we figured out that what was really happening was around 6 inches of water in our lower level. Eeek! That would be our family room, playroom, game room, and my scrap room. I went on to the wedding and reception and he went to work with the wet vac.

On Sunday, I got an earlier flight home to help. The yard was a complete swamp and the water was still coming in. It rained the first half of Sunday, keeping it coming. We finally got all of the water up in time for Sunday night football. Monday morning brought more rain and more work. I spent most of the week alternating between scrubbing and drying everything in sight.

Allie loved having a swamp in the backyard. This is a shot of her playing Monday afternoon. Much of the water in the yard receded by then, but there was still enough for her to splash around in. How could I not see the bright side of the rain with such a bright child in my life. She is my own ray of sunshine!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

hide and seek

Zack loves the 15 minutes we spend playing outside before his bus comes. First, he picks all of the dandelions he can find and we blow the "old" ones and use the yellow ones to color a patch on the sidewalk. He calls it our sunshine spot since it is tinged with a bit of dandelion dye.

After that, Zack is ready for a bit of hide and seek. See how good he is at it:

We do a bit of running around trying to catch each other. Of course, when I catch him, I get to tickle him until he squeals at me. Pretty soon we see the lights of the bus at the stop before us and he turns to me all serious to give me my reminder, "Mom, I will wave to you from my seat. Make sure you are at the bus stop after school to ask about my day."

I reassure him that I will and he hops right up those big steps looking oh so young. Tomorrow, I work and Drew will be in charge of getting Zack onto the bus. I wonder what they do for fun first?