Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

The nature of teaching college means I have a lovely holiday break. Four to six weeks of no classes. Oh, sure, I have classes to design and meetings to attend, but I have a long span of not teaching. I fill the time. Absolutely. I scrapbook. I read. I chatter with friends. I still have kids and a husband and a house.


I always have this feeling that I missed the joy of Christmas. The month of December flies by with a ton of things that have to be done--especially final exam torture--but not much that gets to be fun. And then I have all the time in the world in January, but the holidays are gone.

What's a gal to do? Make a plan, of course. Tonight the family sat down and decided on 12 things to do to celebrate Christmas together. I know some of yall may be able to do the entire Advent countdown, but I have a traveling husband and an insane schedule so 12 is my number.

Each family member picked 3 items to add to the list. Drew shocked me when his first pick was to see Chipmunks Squeakquel on Christmas Day. Really, husband? He also picked a trip to the mall. Clearly, I do not know this man as well as I thought. Of course, when he added "just to look, not to shop" I knew he was back. Giggle.

We are all excited about the list and can't wait to kick off the holiday season. 12 days and counting . . .

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