Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ready for some football

Ok, so our Steelers are torturing us right now. I have no excuses. Theories, certainly, but valid reasons escape me for such a horrible losing streak. Still, at our house we dress for the occasion.

Sundays are football days. We toss in some homework and some laundry, but all around football. What did we do before we could pause the games? Or before the magical NFL Sunday Ticket allowed us to see them all? Or before fantasy football gave us a reason to watch them all so energetically? Fortunately, we do not have to remember--we are soooooo spoiled.

Today, my Steelers lost. But my Saints won. Yes, I adopted the lovable Saints during my undergrad years. Tulane played in the Superdome and tickets for the Saints were not hard to come by. Of course, they were more commonly called the Aints in those days before they had EVER seen the playoffs. It definitely looks like it is their year. And it is easy to root for them when Brees is leading my fantasy team. Such the hero.

And the translation for my non football scrappy friends: yada yada yada cute picture yada yada yada picture. Love yall!

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