Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zack's new room

As we completed Allie's room, Zack stepped right up to begin the planning of his room. He was more than ready to leave behind the nautical nursery in favor of a "fancy" room. His favorite colors have not wavered since he first learned his colors: black, white, and gray. At first, I thought maybe he might be color blind, but he is not. He simply loves the classics. When asked why, he will tell you that they match everything.

As we searched through magazines and online sites searching for ideas, he was drawn to rooms in these three shades but with pops of bright colors. He debated between red, lime green, and orange finally selecting orange. When I mentioned it to Drew, he rolled his eyes and said incredulously, "a Halloween room?" I assured him that we could make it less than scary.

We started with painting horizontal lines just like Zack's favorite shirts (yes, that was with an s) keeping black around the window as a feature. With a strong neutral base, we were able to have fun with the orange pops--and can easily change them out if his color changes later. My favorite is the layered rugs with round oranges on the black and white stripes. Here is the view from the doorway:

We did a good bit of "recycling" in the room. I recovered this chair in black cord and repainted the bookcase from my office. We still need to merchandise the shelves, but I just couldn't wait to share! This is his reading nook:

Wall art for a mere $20. I used postcards from Ikea; each one has little squares of numbers on them in colors that coordinate with the room. Zack loves his numbers! They alternate with mirrors which appeal to his desire for a bit of sparkle in everything. They decorate the wall above his bed.

The last wall is his new built in desk. I used two shelving units (which used to hold my scrap papers until I got a new closet unit for my own birthday) and one piece of coated wood cut by the friendly folks at Home Depot for me. Two extra brackets keep it safe and a smidge of caulk made it look finished. I am still working on desk accessories, but the magnetic strips and board are a great start. There is a rolling office chair (just like daddy's) tucked in there. Allie gave it a test drive with her homework today and declared it perfect.

There you have it. A room simply perfect for my boy. And arguably the best decorated room in my entire house. He definitely has style!