Sunday, March 30, 2008


Look at me being a bad blogger! More than a week since I have been in here--and we all know that it is not because I am not online.

hmmm guess I better catch up on details.

ScrapStreet is running the Star contest and I am loving watching all the talented women scrap my crazy challenges. You know I love trying to figure out ways to get everyone scrapping on top of the box while shouting "crazy chick" at me at the top of their lungs.

Because Meesh either loves or hates me, she got me to agree to submit 5 pages each month to places other than the street. Over the past 6 months I was scrapping less than 5 pages a month so I did really need the kick in the pants. I did finish them this month, but only emailed them out moments ago. whew.

It was spring break for me this week and the average temp was around 35. sigh. I am sooooooo ready to be warm. Really really ready.

I did scrap a little something to share here today. My Alie and her indoor tulips--she just couldnt wait for the snow to melt and the outside ones to bloom. Happy Day, Friends!


Spinkeeshy said...

Beautiful layout, love the layering honey!

Nicole Martel said...

oh Dora, That layout is sooooo pretty!! I love how you made that paper look less busy!! Gonna have to lift this one!

denean said...

Super sweet layout - she really is a little beauty!

Janneke said...

that is one beautiful page!

Mireille said...

this is sooo totally beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This page is gorgeous!! I love the simplicity of it!!