Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking a challenge

Here I am being a horrible blogger again. It is not like I do not have a ton of stuff to say--yall know that you can't shut me up--I just forget to save something for her.

Bri to the rescue! She has made it a 30 day challenge of sorts. I adore a good challenge so here I am ready to take it on. Love you, Bri!

Today is about change. This is something I have thought a lot about lately. I made the healthy change last month--joined the healthclub and committed to going 3x a week. Joined the Frat Boys volleyball team for 2 more days a week of activity. Started grocery shopping every other week instead of every week (less snack buying that way) and are cooking meals instead of driving thru for them. Go me!

But there is always room for more change. What to pick? I know! Regular blogging will be my change right now. Can I do it? sure! will I? stay tuned . . .

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