Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And then there are days . . .

when the giggles just keep on coming.

The morning began with the alarm blaring at 6:30am. Already my mind was cursing the spring forward plan and missing that extra hour of sleep. I know that the clocks changed two days ago, but for us night owls, it takes a while to get there.

I stumbled to the kitchen to start some waffles before waking the kids. Tuesday is an 8am class day which means leaving the house by 7:15 with both kids, all our bookbags, breakfast in hand, and smiling faces. Not an easy chore on a normal day. As I am scanning the freezer for the waffles, I notice a wet sensation around my feet. Soggy socks. I look down to see a river of melted ice cream has flowed from the bottom and is racing across the kitchen floor. It is then that I realized the freezer is not at all cold.

utoh. I open the fridge side to find the same fate. Warm milk and spoiled everything. A quick glance at the clock reveals no time to clean. Cannot actually call my Dean and tell her the midterm will not be given today on account of spilled milk.

I make toast, slap some pnut butter on it, and shout for the kids to get moving. Snag some juice boxes and fresh socks and we are out the door without a minute to spare.

3 exams and 6 hours later and I am back home to deal with the kitchen. But it is not just the kitchen. I open the door to the house and the smell overwhelms me. What the heck IS that? I step in and begin walking up the stairs noticing my feet sticking. I make it to the kitchen to find that our three cats found the spilled ice cream to be far more of a reason for celebration than I did. Footprints led every which way. Over the couch and through the bathroom--sticky residue all over the house.

I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the swiffer and got to work. 15 minutes later, I found the first pile. Oh goody, cat vomit. Always a pleasure. 10 minutes and one room later I found another problem--cat diarrhea--joy of joys. I kept cleaning; they kept spewing. I was outnumbered. For such little creatures, they sure can create volume amounts of ick.

And, to top it all off, it is my super Tuesday. The day where I stockpiled oodles of kids lessons thinking having the other days off would be fun. So out I go to drop one at religion class. Back home to tackle a room. Out to drop the next one off at Library Crafts. Pick the other back up and head back to clean another room only to find the first room is freshly christened again. Pick up at the library, drive thru dinner (hello! empty fridge), drop off at dance class and back home for more torture. One final pick up and I can now head for a much needed shower.

As of this second, I am ahead of the cat caravan, but I need to type quickly because it may not last. Wish me luck.

oh, and go ahead and giggle--I dont mind. Just please, keep your ice cream to yourself.