Sunday, April 27, 2008

gotta have friends

Today's challenge is all about friends. hmm. I was always the kinda gal who had one girlfriend and a whole batch of guy friends. Why? Because guys were more fun. No drama. No mess. No weird passive/aggressive games. They just wanted to have fun.

Then, I got married and having guy friends got a bit strange. Oh, my husband's friends were fun and allowed, but making new guy friends seemed to be crossing some unmentioned married line. Luckily for me, the frat boys took over the house next door and became new friends with a hubby approval pass. Saves all those potential sticky moments, ya know.

Once married and heading down the mom and wife path, girl friends became far more important. You NEED someone who can laugh at what a moron your hubby is with you. And she can laugh because hers is EXACTLY the same. Yep. You need someone in the trenches with you. So, I started looking around and finding gals with similar interests and a similar dread of the drama.

Along the way, a strange and wonderful thing happened. I ended up without friends, but with sisters. Yes, indeedy. I still have my special sister of the heart from childhood. Hi, Katy! And I have my street sisters. Girls that I met online and should be just "imaginary friends" as my son describes them. But, they are not. They are the first people I talk to in the morning, the last ones I whisper to before bed. They are the ones who giggle at all the stories of my life and tease me about all my blond ways. (I know, Linda, plugging the slow cooker in does help with the dinner success.) They are the ones liable to give me a call or drop me a little happy mail (beware of wax candy!) just exactly when I need it most. They motivate me, inspire me, cry with me, laugh at me, and love me for just who I am.

Wow, I am such a lucky girl. Smooches!


Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful, inside and out! I love you!

Terry said...

Love you bunches ... my "imaginary" friend ....

Nicole Martel said...