Friday, April 25, 2008

Say goodbye to clutter

Love today's challenge! I admit that I used to be the worst packrat. Nothing could leave my house since I was sure I would need it someday. And then my house was sooooooooo overstocked that I couldn't find anything I needed. Horrible circle that was to be caught in.

In most every area of my house, I keep only the bare minimum. Cept for one. Can you guess?

Yep. The scrap room. I know I still keep more stuff here than I really NEED. But that is what this challenge month is all about, right? Meesh tells me that she is almost out of scrap supplies and actually needs her kit this month. As in can't scrap if she doesn't get it. How proud am I of her. Ok, so I know that she lives an hour away from any shopping and would never have gotten in this predicament if not for that. Still, she could have chosen to hold onto her precious supplies so she didn't run out, but instead she whipped them out and scrapped them. She is my SHERO!

How to rid myself of the clutter? Scrap! Bringing things out and putting them in the use it or RAK it pile. And scrapping every day, too. Big crop weekend this weekend and next weekend. Bet I can make a big dent in my clutter.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Go MEESH! that is awesome...I will just say that I have a few things...yeh...just a few ;)