Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Girl Glasses

I did it. I headed to Target today and bought grown up bar ware. For some reason, when Drew and I registered for wedding stuff, bar glasses did not make our list. We had 3 mismatched wine glasses, a couple of novelty shot glasses, your basic household tall drink glasses, and a variety of plastic cups. Sad, I know.

Drew likes to drink his Captain and Diet Coke in a 32oz brightly colored Target plastic cup. Makes me giggle. You know the ones, right? The ones that just scream SPRING at you as you wander the isle dressed in your winter coat, hat, and boots certain that the snow will never leave and the sun will never shine again. You see them and your hands reach out and you grasp them to your poor frozen chest. Just the act of putting them into your cart gives you a breath of hope that someday soon you could be sitting in the yard in shorts watching the kids play with the hose while you sip an ice cold glass of something. So you buy them. Not because you need more cups, but because you need the promise of spring. These are my hubby's drinking cups enjoyed all year long and definitely ready for replacing by the time the next ones call to me.

But this year, after placing the fabulous new cups into my cart I took a detour into the glass ware. And I bought a nice simple box of big girl glasses. 4 beer steins, 4 wine glasses, 4 shot glasses, 4 martini glasses, and a mixing container with strainer. Yes, I did. And then (on some sort of cocktail possibility high) I headed over to the alcohol isle and picked up the ingredients for lemon drop cocktails. *snap* oh yes, I did. On a Tuesday. And I am having one tonight.

Recipe: 2 shots vodka (citrus one if you can)
1 shot sour mix
1 shot sprite
shake with ice and strain into glass.

and if you want to get fancy, put sugar on the rim of your glass.

As soon as the kids are in bed, I am pulling up a cocktail and settling in for a bit of American Idol and some relaxation. Grown up drink in a grown up glass--not that I do not remember the lemon drop body shots of my youth fondly, but in this case, grown up feels good.



Jenn said...

lemon drop body shots are still good, lol! gonna have to try this recipe after birthing the baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Dora you crack me up! Way to go on getting the big girl glasses! and *here's to treating yourself on a tuesday!

Janneke said...

woohooo! go you!!!

Spinkeeshy said...

I did that once too. The kids broke them all. I need more grown up glasses because i have all the apple martini stuff here. It's so nice to treat ourselves here and there. A nice relaxing cold drinky poo hits the spot sometimes. Especially since we talk more about drinking than we actually do. LOL

Mireille said...

looks great!!!
would love to try that!

Nicole Martel said...

yum yum gimme some :)

Anonymous said...

looks yummy to me!! I want one too!