Thursday, February 14, 2008


What is a momstone? The cajones you need to be a mom? No, although those help immensely. Momstones are those milestones that your children reach that are important to you. The ones that give you back just a bit of life.

Do yall remember those first months of motherhood? With a baby in one hand and a baby book in the other? Checking to see if your precious pumpkin could lift his head or roll over at the right moment? Ah the pride you felt at those first milestones.

Momstones are even better. The first day that you wake up and do not have a diaper to change. Heaven. Never have I heard a mom say, "gee, I really miss changing diapers." And bidding farewell to the disposable pants can also mark the momstone of tossing the diaper bag. No more lugging a bag bigger than the child along with you. Other fun momstones? How about when they learn to dress all the way to shoes allowing you to shout "get ready" as you jump in the shower? Or one of my own favorites: make your own breakfast and turn on your own cartoons. Ahhh Saturday morning peace and sleep--a gift that never gets old.

Each age can bring a new momstone and allow you to reclaim a few minutes back from your busy day. From goodbye to the carseat to hello to the driver's license, each one is an important day in your life as a mom. And each one means that you are doing your job and doing it well. With a baby's first breath, Mom is needed for 24 hours a day because that little bundle is completely helpless, completely dependent. But children should not remain that way. They should grow to be independent adults and then capable of a solid interdependent relationship with their chosen love. Anyone who has ever dated a momma's boy can tell you that she did no one a favor (and they will tell you in detail. I can entertain you over cosmos for hours, trust me).

So kick up your heels and celebrate those momstones! You are not being selfish as you lounge around on the couch watching your children do laundry and fetch you a coke--you are making stronger adults. I promise.


Spinkeeshy said...

Beautifully said, and makes me think too. With my kids older, you would think i would have less momstones. So not true. It seems like just actually thinking and sitting back and watching the daily activities of a teen child you can see them maturing each day. Somedays I admit, they seem to revert back to being 2, but all in all how i handle those days leads to a momstone down the road.
First valentines day yesterday for my son and his first girlfriend. A true momstone. One I am proud of, yet mixed with a bit of worry for the years to come. I heard it from my parents over and over , and I say it to him... "I ain't raisin' no grandbabies".

I have never been one to coddle my children. Love them yes, support them to know end, lead them i hope..

Momstones, love the term. Taking a second look at even mistakes makes for a great momstone. *hugs*

Jenn said...

gosh, and I'm about to start allllll over. :)