Sunday, February 17, 2008

Better In Blue

During our latest shopping trip, we discovered that Zack and Allie can now wear some of the same sizes. He may be 3 years younger, but baby brother is growing fast. Both can fit in a size 7 in tshirts and workout pants, which happens to be both of their favorite outfits. They each chose 3 new suits and we headed home all happy.

Fast forward to a week later and Allie bounces downstairs wearing her brother's new pants and hoody. "Excuuuuse me," Zack announced in his best abused brother voice, "but those are MY clothes."

"I know, but I like them," she answered authoritatively, as if that was going to be the final word on the subject.

"But they are blue. And blue is for boys. Everyone knows that." Oh, isn't that cute. He is going to try logic with his sister. So young, so many lessons to learn when dealing with females.

"I look better in blue than you do." And with that pronouncement, she sashayed out of the room to search for hair bows in just the right shade.

I quickly bit the inside of my cheek to stop the laughter as he turned to me with big eyes, shocked and confused by what had just happened. I could see the wheels turning as he tried to figure out what to say to make me step in and defend his clothing honor. Finally, he sighed. "I know. Life isn't fair."

Oh my poor baby. He has already learned so many lessons at the ripe old age of 5 1/2. And life not being fair is just one of them. Today we add: girls love to swipe boy clothes, blue is for girls too, and logic may not always be your friend. Someday he will find that having a big sister gives him an advantage in dealing with women. But today is not that day.

Later that afternoon, I had a chat with Allie letting her know that we do not borrow without asking. She apologized to her brother and he received 30 minutes of her time as her "sorry gift". He chose to have her read to him and they giggled and bonded over stories. Still, when I bent to tuck him into bed, I found his other 2 new outfits tucked underneath his pillow for safekeeping.

One more lesson learned: if she can't find them, she can't borrow them. Good thinking, sugar.

As usual, I was inspired by my kids. I am certain I will scrap the story later, but first I couldn't resist making a new digi kit: Better In Blue. You can snag it in the ScrapStreet Store.


Janneke said...

wonderful! love the clothes under his pillow! giggle

Jen said...

Too funny! Poor much to learn about girls :) LOL

Love the new kit...I will have to check it out:)

Michelle said...

Awww.. poor Zach... he's too cute for words!