Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Birthday present time! What did I ask for this year? A new phone. Honestly, mine was so old students would ask to see the rotary dial. I didn't have unlimited texting, but I didn't need it since it would take me so long to text that I would give up.

Which phone to pick? I called Lauren and asked what to buy. After all, if it is recommended by a 7th grader, it has to be cool, right? She screamed out enVtouch and so I am now the proud owner of:

A front touch screen, 3.2 camera, video, music and a zillion things I have not figured out yet are all included in this nifty little machine. It opens up to look like a mini laptop and I can catch up with all my gang even at school.

Shopping for it was enlightening. I made Drew head to the actual store with me instead of just ordering online. We figured it would be $100 for the new phone. Except when they pulled up our account, Drew had all kinds of credits as he is such a good customer. Turned out that they paid us to take the phone. Yep. Free phone, free case, and tossed in some free minutes to boot.

I tried to convince Drew that meant he still owed me a present, but he was not buying that one at all. I have to say I am one happy camper. Happy Birthday to me!

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ellen s. said...

i just got one of these!!! have been playing with it all weekend!