Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bloom Ball

Allie came running in after school on Wednesday eager to see the new Cuttlebug Challenge. She was stumped at first. hmmm table decorations. We do not have scrapping time midweek with after school activities, so we just peek and then run out to tackle the schedule.

"How about tree place cards?" Allie asked on Saturday. With each person's name and a cute little bird. Sounded good to me. We zipped up the cute little "lollipop" trees in a hurry.

Then came time to plan the centerpiece. "How about a real tree with lots of decorations?" Great idea. Except the real party is not until next July. Buying a tree now and then attempting to grow it indoors during a Chicago winter? Not quite the right plan. So it was back to the drawing board.

We had a ton of fun trying to make different trees. It was our own little Goldilocks adventure with too flat, too tall, too silly, but no just right. How could we make that top sphere? Then the light dawned on my darling girl's face: the bloom ball. Early in the school year, they created bloom balls as a book report illustrating and explaining different story scenes on each of the 12 panels. A little work with the circle cutter and the scor-it and we were off and running.

We started to reach for the bling or buttons to embellish the tree, but really thought the embossing was decoration enough. We added just a few items from Cosmo Cricket's Earth Love and left it simple. And we love it.

Thanks, Cuttlebug Challenge Blog for some wonderful challenges!


csroyal said...

Wow, Dora! You and Allie have been busy!! Fantastic work!! See you next week at Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot!!


Milie said...

This is great!! Awesome job!

Jane F. Smith said...

This is like the cutest tree ever!!!

Jessie said...

Fantastic centerpiece! Love it:)

BettyBee said...

Oh, WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! This is an absolutely FABULOUS centerpiece!!! I just think this tree is over the moon! I love your eco friendly theme.
Congrats for such a great party with your little girl.