Monday, August 31, 2009

Catch the bus

Allie and I were wandering through Target doing our grocery shopping, she spied this:

It was filled with yellow apples and just waiting for us to come along. Since both of my kids will happily eat 2 apples every single day, it was a no brainer to toss it in the cart. Especially when Allie turned with that gleam in her eye and said, "think of the craft we could do, Mom." I am so raising her right.

We arrived home, emptied the apples into the fruit bowl and dropped the bus off in the scrap office. The very next morning, I pop on to the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog and see a back to school gift/craft challenge. Kismet! I would have raced to my desk to create, but I knew Allie wanted to make one together. She had dolls all picked out to ride in it, after all.

She wanted a "hippie bus" which was not at all surprising as she has been on a peace, love, and trees kick since last Halloween when she first donned her hippy costume. Anything with a peace sign or a recycle theme has been huge in our house this year!

It took us a couple of days (5th grade homework is insane!) but we are proud to debut the Girlfriend Bus:

The paper and pretties are all Cosmo Cricket. We started with the Earth Love line since just it's name excited Allie, but quickly switched to Girl Friday to get the bold colors she was in the mood for. A little pearl action from Kaiser and some Cardstock trim embossed with our newest Cuttlebug plates:

I love how the two different circles play together. So yummy! Time to run. I need to stitch up a few ponchos for the dolls. They need to be stylin' to ride the bus.



Michelle said...

I LOVE your bus. Had I seen this at my Target I would have snatched it up in a hurry!!!! Love what you did with it. So cute!

csroyal said...

OMG, this is just so cute!!! Glad you joined us with Be Inspired at Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot.


Janneke said...

OOOh LOVE it!!!

Avenueswithoutlimit said...

wowzer I luv luv what you did.

ellen s. said...

no way! this is the CUTEST! i was wondering if i could use this at our

let me know!

just love it.

Brenda said...

WOW! This is great! How wonderful to craft with your daughter.

Michelle said...

congrads dora on your challenge win! this bus is adorable...
michelle cuttlebug