Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bathroom remodel

The downstairs bathroom was definitely on the todo list from the first moment we moved in. Bold fixtures in gold, dark paneling, and avocado green flooring left no doubt as to when the room was decorated. Unfortunately, it was not the only room that worked the 70's flair. Shag carpeting in need of a good mowing had to go first. And then there were the lovely green kitchen appliances that headed to the great disco in the sky. One by one rooms were made over and still the downstairs bathroom waited. We outgrew the house and added on an addition, but still the bath waited.

After 10 years of patience, the little bath finally topped the list. We headed in to demolish everything and anything we could find. We found plenty. Four layers of tile in the shower. Five different wallpapers behind the paneling (and none of them pretty). Finally, we were at studs.

You would think with waiting so long to remodel that I would have a ton of ideas, but I had nothing. Not a clue. I googled. I read magazines. I spent hours watching HGTV. Still, nothing. Complete decorating block struck me. I knew that the floor needed to be in a cream tile to continue the look of the adjoining rooms. But that was all I had.

A trip to home depot for paint chips brought inspiration in the form of glass tile. I fell madly in love with a sheet of tiny green, cream, and brown square tiles just perfect for the bottom of the shower. Moments later, Zack spotted just the right vanity (the boy has an eye) in a dark wood with a round front. Finally, we had a plan.

It took me a couple of weeks to put together the little touches after staring at empty shelves, but now it is gorgeous. And just in time for Lauren and Sidney to come for the summer. I am fairly certain moving from 4 people to 6 will have us needing the extra bath space--especially with extra women!

I am so glad to cross this room off the list for good!

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