Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Shopping

It was time to head out for the Easter outfits. Zack knew just what he wanted--what he always wants--"something fancy, Mom." My boy loves a tie, a suit coat, a hat, anything that makes him a sharp dressed man. He would be easy to select something for except I swear he grows nightly and I have no idea what size he is from day to day.

Allie knew what she did NOT want. She put it plainly, "I am not going to look like an Easter egg. No dress, no skirt, no pastels, no ruffles, no lace." Yep. The tomboy years have arrived. I decided it would be best to load them both up and head out to shop.

We headed to the boy section first to handle the easy child and they both fell in love with the EXACT SAME OUTFIT. Here they are all "duded up":

Yes. Same exact suits. Fortunately, Allie decided the look was a bit too much boy and too little her so we headed in for a few feminine touches: lose the tie, add the jewelry, fluff the hair, add the heels. Here is her before and after:

Zack was a little sad that she would not wear the tie. Drew walked in just in time to point out that she is a mini me. Ok, so the white shirt and black vest is a fave look of mine, too. What can I say? I never really outgrew the tomboy myself.

Pretty sure that my "Easter Shoot" will not look like any of my friends, but I loved it all the same. My models are extra stylish in their "fancy clothes!"

Happy Easter, friends! Much love!


Anonymous said...

They are just toooooo cute!! Can't wait to see these scrapped now!!

Unknown said...

Ahh, girls like us wouldn't have it any other way, right, Dora?

Anonymous said...

mini Dora is right! They are so chic anc cute


Janneke said...

ooh FAB!!!
Happy Easter!

Jen said...

awh so sweet! they are adorable! Love her girl touch to the outfit!

Wanted to stop in and wish you a very Happy Easter!



Nicole Martel said...

omg they are sooooo darn cute!!!