Wednesday, June 3, 2009

last day of school

Today was the last day of school. Well, the last 2 hours to be more precise. With such a short day, the Kindergarten kids joined the big kids in the morning instead of sleeping in and catching the after lunch bus. Zack was less than thrilled as he is NOT a morning person.

The weather was a brisk 52 degrees on this lovely June morning. Can you believe it? Sweatshirts for the last day of school. I wonder if Allie will notice that her little brother is almost as tall as she is when she looks at this picture?

Here they are all swarming the bus, eager to survive the last day. What I should have taken a picture of was the moms looking on with faces that screamed last 2 hours of freedom--what should I do with it?

Now that it is time for summer vacation to begin, I started with a bit of sewing. The kids and I picked up some fun material in the same colors as their beach towels. I stitched up a bag for each kid so they can keep track of their swim gear. It has been a while since I fired up the sewing machine, but it was definitely fun. I am going to leave it out and see if I can use it on some scrap pages this week.


Michelle said...

LOVE the colors Dora!!!

Jenn said...

you must have a pink one in there somewhere... too cute!

denean said...

I can not believe how big your kids are getting! Oh they look so grown up!!
And the bags are AWESOME!!! I so wish I could sew!