Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer game

Tonight we went to check out the DuPage Dragons baseball game. Everyone should be required to spend one beautiful summer evening watching a semi pro or college ball game. Honestly. It was good family fun--felt like we turned back the hands of time. Kids were able to play in a field in sight while we watched the game and chattered together. We felt comfortable sending them to the concession stand alone. They ran the bases and had baseball signed by the team members. A little slice of perfection.

Here is a picture of me. Ok, of my wristband (yes, I got carded!). And of the hand blended margarita (so strong! yum!). And my front row seat (yes that is the dugout my drink is sitting on).

and a shot of Zack in front of the field sporting his brand new Cubs hat. He may only be six, but that is a hat purchased today from the men's department of Walmart. The boy has a huge melon!

And my little princess with her pink hat and braids looking like a diva. Of course, she sat still for only long enough to wolf down some food and then she was off and running barefoot through the fields like the tomboy she really is. Go girl!