Monday, July 21, 2008

broken ribs suck!

ok, so this is not the first time I have broken a bone. I have done the arm. the toes. a finger or two. No, I am not a total clutz, but an athlete is going to be injured. When you break something it hurts. A whole lot. But then, you cast or splint it, baby it, and it only hurts when you bop into something or touch it a bit too hard.

Ribs are NOT the same. You are not allowed to baby them since if you do not breathe with nice full lungs, you will breed lovely lung mucus. Ick! So you have to keep breathing and are not permitted to wrap or cast those ribs. And with every breath, the darn ribs move and they hurt. I am 5 days into this injury and let me tell you, it is not at all fun!

Oh, are you lost? My bad, let me back up a bit.

On Sunday, I played my usual beach volleyball. Three games with the team and then three games pick-up. The team games rarely include collisions since the boys on my team know that I will cover my area just fine. But sometimes in the pick-up games, people come over to "help" and there is a crash. Had one and it hurt, but I thought I just bruised my ribs.

Monday and Tuesday, they were sore. Wednesday was the next game. Played just fine, but noticed that when we would have a good volley and my breathing would get deeper, it would hurt. Kept playing. After 6 games, I headed home and couldnt even get into the shower. Was afraid I would pass out.

Off to the emergency room I went to discover what had probably been cracked ribs on Sunday were now broken ribs. Two of them on my right side. As I am right handed, this means anytime I do anything with my right hand, it is going to hurt.

Vicodin was the drug prescribed and off I went. Took two and started the final preparations to get my house ready for company. A bit of sweeping and mopping and bed making. A few errands. All good. 4 hours later--another pill and into the car to pick up all my friends. Dinner and giggles (which hurt even with the meds) and off for another pill and sleep.

Morning on Friday brought breakfast and a pill. Off to the Craft and Hobby Association trade show for a day on my feet wandering around. Luckily, my girls did the fetch and carry portion for me. Had lunch and another pill. Following all the rules--actually taking less meds than prescribed.

Halfway through Friday, it happened. One of the ladies flipped around with her arms full of goody bags and nailed me dead on in the ribs. Saw stars. Saw my life pass in front of my eyes. Saw the white light and was heading towards it in a hurry. Friends dragged me back and into the food court. What was open? Ice cream and nachos. Went for ice cream and a pill.


Pretty darn quick, we were in the car with Katy driving heading for home. And I was GREEN. Teeth were sweating, body clammy, end was near. And we were in a construction express zone. No exit for 12 miles, no shoulder, no salvation. I am trying to lower the window. EEEk! child locks! Trying to empty a bag, but no time! yep. tossed my ice cream all over myself in the car. Lordy, was that embarrassing. Oh and messy.

Got home and spent the rest of the night running to purge. Tried just a simple tylenol the next day and that worked out no better. Had to go cold turkey. Trust me, the pain of tossing those cookies is nothing to sneeze at. And you really do not want to sneeze.

So that brings us to Monday. I survived class. I survived playtime with the kids. I hurt with every breath.

And I do not care if I sound like a baby whining about it!


Spinkeeshy said...

You are such a trooper honey..

*air hugs*

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Oh Dora! You are a trooper - I've never had broken ribs but have known lots of people who've had them and they've all said the same thing...they hurt like hell! It was nice meeting you in Chicago! Take Care :)

Nicole Martel said...

oh gosh Dora i can't imagine, hope your doing better, hugs!!