Friday, July 25, 2008

Allie's birthday!

Is it possible that my baby is really NINE? She is pretty sure, but I think we must have counted wrong. Where did these last few years go? zoooooooooooom!

We had a Hannah Montana day--watch, tshirt, dolls (looks like barbie to me), doll clothes. All Hannah, all day. Everything except music. For that she prefers Taylor Swift.

Here is the birthday girl:


Spinkeeshy said...

wow.. she is getting big!!

Nicole Martel said...


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Alli...hope you all enjoyed the day!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Hope she has a great birthday! We will be having a 9th Birthday here at our house in a few months...time sure flies by!

Jenn said...

time flies! happy birthday, allie!

Mireille said...

oh my goodness.. nine????
I surely must have missed something..

Mireille said...

oh darn!!!
Forgot what I meant to do first

Happy late birthday sweet Allie

denean said...

Oh my gosh! 9!!
Happy Birthday Allie!
She is such a beautiful young lady!