Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new snack

Hold onto your hats, friends o' mine. I have a new favorite snack that you will never believe! I have gone mad over edamame--a Japanese soybean. You boil it and then sprinkle with the spice of your choice and suck the beans out of the pods. I am using bbq spice and am eating half a pound at a sitting. Fabulous summer snack.

ok, it tastes and looks nothing like m&m's, but it is yummy just the same. Guess those staying at Hotel Dora next month will get a chance to find out. Don't worry ladies, after a few of my frozen cosmos, you will think they are m&m's!


Nicole Martel said...

ummm tasty, NOT! LOL

Mer said...

Oh my...I'm a HUGE edamame fan. My 5 yo dd loves them too (tereYAWKie chicken and edmommy) ;)