Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bye bye tooth

I mean teeth.

My kids both have only had teeth work in pairs. As babies they arrived in pairs and as kids they leave in pairs. But they only leave after the new ones arrive. Right before Christmas, I looked inside Zack's mouth and there they were--2 big teeth right behind his lower baby teeth.

At 6 1/2, he was pretty certain the teeth were never going to come out. But 2 weeks later they were loose and he was having fun twirling them around. Right before the bus arrived, the first one was ready to pluck out. I raced for the camera to snap a quick shot. There is no way for me to have one of those cute gap tooth grins from my kids since the big teeth are already in the way, but I tried.

The next morning he had a fresh 2 dollar bill from the tooth fairy and another tooth popping out. Again right after lunch and before the bus came, we plucked tooth 2. Even with my thumb pulling down his lip, you can barely see a little spot where it is out.

Two down and many more to go. But probably not too soon. After all, at 9 1/2 Allie has only lost 8 total even though many of her classmates are already in braces.


Mireille said...

Oh boy ZACK!!!
soooo cool!

Mireille said...

hi hon.. I photo-tagged you on my blog.. hope your willing to play!