Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun

Halloween shopping this year was quite easy. Allie took one look at the darling ladybug and fell in love. Surprisingly affordable with everything from leggings to antenna, it fit her personality perfectly. And it fit my mom requirement--NOT sexy. Allie crossed into the tween size/age category this year and as we browsed online costume stores, I was getting nervous. I am just not ready to see my little girl in fishnets yet. I was thrilled with her choice:

While Allie and I shopped for her, Zack and Drew headed to the boy land. Zack had already decided on Harry Potter, so I was shocked when he came over with a snow wolf ninja costume. He loves wolves and was determined that this would be his costume. We arrived home to find that the mask was not in the bag.

Back I went. Although the bag listed it as included, it was not in any of the ones in stock. The manager offered to take it back and give me some $ off another costume for my trouble, but Zack held firm. He did not want a mask, anyway. He liked his costume, but did not make it to love and is certain that next year he wants to be Harry Potter. Here he is making his best evil ninja face:

I still think he is adorable--even when he is trying to be scary. Happy Halloween! Off to raid the candy bucket.