Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home again

It is so good to finally be home! I definitely had a ball, but it was time to be home. Over the past month, I have been home only 4 days! Between camping, CHA girls trip, and a week at Disney, it has been fun, but totally crazy.

Of course I have hundreds of pictures that I could share, but since so many will be popping up in layouts now that my mojo is humming overtime, I decided to just share one favorite moment from each of us.

Zack wanted to be chosen for Jedi training--what 7yo boy wouldn't? I crossed my fingers and made sure we were standing right up front. Zack wore his lucky video game tshirt. The force was strong in my boy and he was chosen to be the first Jedi at the first training (saving me an entire day of trying again and again). Here he is defending us all from the evil Darth.

Allie always roots for the underdog and Disney was no different. She noticed that Daisy Duck is "underappreciated" as a character. She has almost no merchandise. Barely a visual anywhere in the park. But on day three, we did manage to find her for a character signing and Allie simply glowed!

Drew has done Disney several times now as Daddy. However, with young kids we spent most of our time in the shows, character lines, and small rides. This year was totally different--with Allie as a courageous 10yo, he had a partner for all his roller coasters. Day one had us all on the Rock-n-roller coaster!

What was my favorite moment? Watching my family is always a joy for me, but the best picture we have is me hugging my beloved coke while it mists water on me. ahhhh perfection!


Terry said...

loving the Coke picture!

WTG! Zack!

Gotta love Daisy!

Mireille said...

oh my!!! sooo loving the pictures!! thanks for taking me on this trip!!
love ya hon!
*big hugs*