Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's Photoshoot

Zack loves taking pictures. I know that many people would be shocked to know that I entrust my digi rebel to my six year old son, but I believe in teaching him how and letting him learn and grow in this art form. Right now, we use the tripod for most of his shots. It allows him to have a steady hand and to really set up his shots. He also is not allowed to use the camera without me at this point. I do have a Kodak Easy Share that the kids can use on their own.

Today Zack came home from school and asked if there was enough time for a photo shoot before Tae Kwon Do. There was time. I thought he would gather his Star Wars guys and set up some battles to photograph as this is his current favorite, but he surprised me.

Great, Mom. Can you and Sissie stand over by the fireplace? Oh and have some fun with it.

How fun! He gave us directions and snapped pictures. Because he wanted us standing, he needed to stand on a chair and raise the tripod to its highest level. I really wish I had a shot of him taking our pictures. Maybe next time I will sneak the Kodak out for a few.

Here are the results of his work today:

Wonder what he will want to shoot tomorrow?


Christa said...

WTG Zack!! Looks like ya'll had lots of fun.

Jenn said...

great job, Zack! You girls look FAB!

Jen said...

How cute is that! Love the shots that he got of you and your daughter! You too look so much alike!

He's a photographer in the making! Super job Zack!

denean said...

oh my gosh! These are the cutest pictures!! Zack is a natural!

Nicole Martel said...

adorable!!! that background looks like my family room exactly, minus the candles!!!