Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back 2 School

The time has come! This week was the first week of school for my angels.

Allie is a fourth grader (where did the time go?) and is in Mrs. Carter's class. She was very excited to have her since she is the adviser for the 5th grade Drama Club and my little actress wants to start brown nosing already. Allie was a bit bummed to be separated from all her best buddies from last year, but is already telling tales about her new friends. She is, after all, a social butterfly.

Zack started his very first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday. It was bring your mom with day and we had fun touring his classroom and finding his way around the school. Then he had Wednesday off to "recover". But when Thursday dawned he was more than ready for the bus to arrive to take him to school. So ready, in fact, that he began asking if it was time for lunch about 20 minutes after he finished breakfast! Soon enough, the bus came and off my baby went.

I would like to say I spent the next hour sniffling and pondering how my little pumpkin was surviving without me, but the truth is I headed for a nap. I had my own back to school dinner and meetings and such stretching out late that night.

Zack is in a total Spanish immersion program taking him from Kindergarten through 5th grade with the goal of providing him a completely bilingual experience. We are thrilled for him to have such a wonderful opportunity. Each day he is teaching the rest of the family something new. How cool is that?


Janneke said...

the bilingual program is just wonderful! they look both so cute :)

Nicole Martel said...

aw, cute photos!